A Metaverse is an online environment inhabited by avatars controlled by real-life counterparts.

And in technical terms, the definition goes something like this making procedurally generated realistic worlds with Neural Network Artificial Intelligence and the emphasis on new technology, like Blockchain.

There are already two and a half billion gamers online experiencing virtual worlds every day the global online games industry was worth 150 billion dollars last year compared to just 41 billion for the entire movie industry and the league of the legends world championship was watched by 44 million people and that compares to just 7.5 million for the NBA finals.

Fortnite, which in three years has attracted a mind-boggling 350 million players they’re spending over three billion hours a month in this virtual world and now is entering into the world of the metaverse.
So, our virtual cells are already ready and waiting for the metaverse.

The metaverse is built with engines that create 3d worlds the two biggest unreal engines and unity engine are already billion-dollar toolkits, Tim Sweeney founder of epic games and Fortnite is also the creator of the unreal engine.

Unreal has been used to build not only Fortnite but games like final fantasy Microsoft gears of war and many of the top Xbox and PlayStation games and it’s now being used more and more by Hollywood films to create hyper-realistic special effects scenes on the other hand the unity engine is what Facebook is building Facebook horizons with and it’s the engine that league of legends pokemon go and many mobile ar VR games are built on and that includes everything from Activision’s call of duty to Nintendo’s Super Mario run so basically unreal and unity is the metaphors equivalent of android and ios

As you’re seeing, the metaverse is emerging out of the games market and the world’s 2.5 billion gamers are accessing their virtual worlds in three main ways:  By mobile, By games console and  by bc all three are increasing in power and speed and as 5g rolls out it’ll increase mobile speeds by up to 100 times 4g that’s fast enough to create a seamless link between our real world and the metaverse everyone’s racing to get out faster cheaper wearables to access the metaverse from facebook’s oculus Microsoft hololens and sony’s PlayStation VR these clunky VR goggles are now being replaced by smart glasses.

In five years away before we have a fully seamless experience of our real world and the metaverse we will already be living-learning connecting creating and playing in it long before then by 2024 we’ll be spending more time in 3d virtual worlds than today’s 2d incident so what do you think will the metaverse transform humanity for the goodwill it results in a ready player one style universe or a dystopia like a matrix.

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