METAVERSE: The New Buzzword

The next version of the Internet is often described as the Metaverse, the METAVERSE- it’s not a buzzword anymore, it’s going to become a reality soon. 30 years ago, this term was coined by Neil Stephenson in his science-fiction novel “Snow Crash”. He was the one who introduced this term.

You can simply watch the movie “Ready Player One” to know more about it(METAVERSE). This term “METAVERSE” fuelled the boom when Mark Zuckerberg gave a subtle hint about METAVERSE in July 2021.

Internet was also dependent on so many technologies and parallel technologies were developed thereby large technologies emerged into each other and a vast technology is created- just like the Internet, we have numerous technologies parallel __ VR, AR, NFT, and games industries. All these (technologies) are emerging into METAVERSE.

So now in general what is METAVERSE, let’s assume a digital reality – where you will digitally live your life. Just how it is done in upland, they are giving you digital properties. So that you can digitally tokenize those properties and most probably you will build on them.

NVIDIA’s CEO showed his keynote presence which was CGI(computer-generated image), there’s another technology evolving __computer-generated image __just like 3d technology which is revolutionizing, similarly, there’s another technology developing parallel to it – – which will cause METAVERSE to truly become METAVERSE.

“METAVERSE” is foreseeable future __ we will be able to achieve it at some level. Once the METAVERSE emerges – – and is officially unveiled and then Neural ink will be the final nail in the coffin. Although this technology is distant, it’ll certainly blow up because NVidia, Facebook, Microsoft, Google are all after it(METAVERSE).

Now how will METAVERSE work in the gaming industry?

This technology enables us to create free-to-play games, and we’re not talking about free-to-play with micro transactions, we’re talking about full true free-to-play– play to earn. When you buy a multiplayer game, a lot of people of the time don’t actually own the game you’re buying; you’re actually buying a license to play it. So what NFTs do is give people complete ownership of their characters, items, and skins. You can do whatever you want with it:

Giving away the individual item, reselling it or modifying it. Just like a real-life jacket.
And because blockchain is a ledger, instead of using it to record the money you can record game events on it.

Finally, metaverse is growing and it’s not just an idea from science fiction anymore.

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